Sunday, May 29, 2011

Columbus, GA 1942

Selvedge Denim Pot Holder

Ingredients: Cone Mills red line selvedge denim facing, natural indigo dyed backing, organically grown, unbleached, Sea Island Brown cotton batting.

We needed a new pot holder so I made one this afternoon using some scrap denim and part of the fabric from my attempt at making a hand-dyed indigo bandanna. The stuffing/batting is from cotton that I grew this past year. I probably should have stuffed more of it into the pot holder, but geez it takes a long time to remove the seeds from the cotton bolls! Anyone have a cotton gin they could loan me?

Palikea Camp

Okay, this post isn't related to garment making, but I figured I'd share. Spent last week doing ginger sweeps in the Kipahulu rainforest; very muddy, very wet and surprisingly cold, but a great opportunity to go to a place few will ever get to see. Helicopter is the only means to get the base camp.

Casquette, version 3.4

Ingredients: re-purposed, all cotton, black and gray pinstripe fabric, vintage black cotton sateen liner.
So, I think the pattern for this one might be a keeper. Still a few little things to tweak, like reducing the depth of the crease on the side, and some inner workings like reducing the liner dimensions. Otherwise it's pretty much what I'm looking for in a small crowned casquette/newsboy cap.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I worked on my casquette / newsboy cap pattern last weekend. The body is made of some linen/cotton pants from the thrift store; the lining is a nice vintage heavy satin that I got from the Buddhist temple rummage sale.
After hand-stitching some pleats over two of the back seams it fits pretty well. Now I just need to incorporate that change into the pattern. Probably won't use denim for the underside of the bill again; kind of too much going on color-wise.