Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I was going to wait until I got this piece framed, but it's so nice I thought I'd show it off.  This is what I received recently as my part of a trade for a custom Forager Vest.  It was painted by Derek Nobbs and I highly recommend checking out his stuff.

You can see more here:

Also check out his excellent blog here:
I really dig his aesthetics.  Even kinda' makes me wish I still lived in Seattle.

Custom Vest, Cone Mills Canvas

This is the most customized piece I've done yet.

Ingredients: selvedge canvas from Cone Mills, hand-waxed canvas details using Otter Wax, hand-embroidered arrows, hand-stamped leather tag, "japanned" black reproduction buckle.

Built on an antique Singer single-needle industrial sewing machine.  Hand-felled seams.  Other details include a multi-layer chest pocket, watch pocket, interior pocket, and a special "cigarette-pocket" style smartphone pocket.

My camera can't handle anything with red in it very well, so the color is a little off.  It's a very nice rusty brown color that I'm sure is going to get even better the longer it's worn.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pocket Squares / Handkerchiefs

Came across some very interesting antique fabrics recently, including some "outing flannel" that dates back to the late 1800's.  I bought what I could and made some pocket squares.

These may all be spoken for, but I'm not sure just yet [Flannel and indigo pocket squares, and striped indigo scarves are now sold out, but still have two french blue and one brown chambray pocket square left]. Contact if you're interested in any of them.

Also made a display rack out of an old corn crate.  I'll have to take some better images if/when it gets hung.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Custom Forager Vest, Selvedge Herringbone Twill

This turned out to be quite a lot more work than I anticipated.  But it came together well I think.

Ingredients: Japanese selvedge herringbone twill, "french" twill lining, hand-peened copper rivets, copper tack buttons, all cotton topstitching.

Constructed on a 1928 single-needle sewing machine.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Cone Mills Denim Laundry Bag

Cone Mills denim laundry bag.  Inspired by another trip to the laundromat.  I tried to make this as fast as I could, and also wanted to test out a 1948 off-the-arm felling machine.  Will need to go with the classic circular bottom next time, but this was a fun experiment that produced something useful.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Utilities & Vests for Slowboat Deadstock

Final pieces for Slowboat Deadstock.  At least for now.  Henceforth these designs will be available through them directly and will continue to be hand-crafted, just not by me.  Drop 'em a line if you're interested.  Oh, and be sure to ask about the handmade vintage Kimono scarves, they're really great.

To date, trying to make clothing for a living has not been profitable.  Pretty much it's a been a personal savings vacuum.  So, I'm having to re-evaluate how I do things.  I just started taking a class on small business, which will help some.  In the meantime I may focus more on direct sales and custom work.  Or maybe not.  I'll let you know.