Sunday, November 7, 2010

Men's Jeans

Here's some jeans that I made a few weeks ago. I was going to use a store-bought jeans pattern I have, but it looked pretty baggy and "relaxed" so I made a pattern from a pair of my 501's.

Came out fairly well, and it was fun to include details like hidden selvedge in the coin pocket and different colored stitching, but I'm going to modify the pattern some - make the legs less tapered and change the top block to be a little more fitted and with a narrower seat.

Materials: raw and rigid 14oz American made selvedge denim, vintage 30's metal trouser buttons, and real honest to goodness saddle-weight burr and washer copper rivets - hand cut and finished, and guaranteed to never ever come loose.

Off-set back belt loop

I'm probably not going to keep these, so if anyone wears their levi's in the 30 to 31 waist range let me know and I'll take some exact measurements.


  1. great jeans , love them , how much would you charge me for a shirt?

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