Monday, February 21, 2011

Beer on Ice

And now for something really cool. Here's some action shots of a friend and the jacket that I sent to him. Many thanks to Mrs. Cooperella for taking the photo's!

"so, the christmas/winter holiday package. you guys actually sent it to our old apartment. we still frequent our old cafe haunt down the street from there. sometime after new years, we went by to plan out our gardens for the spring. we walk in and the baristas say, "hey! we were just talking about you guys!" when we moved out, one of the girls there moved in to our apartment. she said there had been some christmas stuff mailed, and she was asking around trying to get ahold of us. we sit down, and she actually had the package there with her at the cafe. i slapped on the jacket and did a little promenade for the other regulars. everyone oh'd and ah'd." - M. Cooperella

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