Friday, November 4, 2011


Here's a few pic's of the Halloween costume that k-bot (Caitie Krow?) made. We don't know anyone here well enough to go to any Halloween parties (or maybe our age-group is just getting older), but she was able to wear her creation to work.

I think it's a great costume, and perhaps a symbolic one as well - something about desiring change and migration. Just a few days after we took these images she was offered a job in Jacksonville, FL. So we are preparing for a return, literally a flight, back home to the Southland. It's not the Southern Appalachians, where we really desire to be, but it's a lot closer to that region than Maui is and we are both really looking forward to being with our friends and family again. I figure the old saying "as the crow flies" doesn't necessarily have to mean following the straightest path to one's destination.

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