Saturday, January 21, 2012

Next Stop

So, we've left Jacksonville. Some pretty big things came up, and it didn't really work out for us. Currently staying at my folks' and working on the machines. The new hope is to try and figure out how we can move up to western North Carolina by the spring. I've heard that Asheville is pretty supportive of small, craft-oriented business folks. The culture in general is more to our liking, and they've also got several excellent herbal medicine schools for Katie. We have no roots at the moment (just thousands of pounds of industrial machinery), so we'll see where the winds take us next.

Union Special 51400, probably 1930's. I haven't got it to work yet, but it shure looks good.

Union Special 56500

Weird old Singer 400w21. It has two internal belts, one of which is made of several strands of twine. I'll probably sell this one.


  1. hi,
    what letter model is your 51400? I'm looking for a throat plate for mine…