Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another Sewing Machine Update

Top:  Union Special 56300, single needle chainstitch.  Currently at about 90% functionality.
Above:  Rimoldi 184, felling machine, double or triple needle chainstitch.  This machine will be used for felling side seams on shirts and jackets - assuming I can get it to start making a stitch properly.

Both machines are part of a small lot I bought from a factory.  They were formerly used to make naval uniforms.

Sorry for the slightly different layout - has changed some things for the worse recently.  I'm currently working on a website, though it's pretty slow going.  There are many things that I'm more interested in doing than learning the nuances of web design.  You can check out the site I've been working on here.  Nothing is actually for sale, it's all just a place holder.

1 comment:

  1. Been meaning to drop a note about all your machine acquisitions. Can I say "jealous"! One day I hope to have just a small amount of your collection.
    Looks like you skills are growing along with the collection. Keep it up!