Sunday, July 22, 2012

Duck Cloth Vest, v. 4

 Fourth and probably final version of the duck cloth work vest for this particular project.  Simplified some things.

Currently completing another work shirt in black chambray.  It's a size large, like the vest below, so I don't really know how things will look on the wearer until I see pictures of it on him - it's been an interesting challenge in terms drafting a well fitting garment.  

Will be revising previous jacket pattern later this week; adding a few extra details and making the fit better.

After that I'll probably need to spend a week emailing and calling all the nice folks I've been neglecting while working on getting these sample out.


  1. I will straight up buy the next one you do. I go out to old mines and sketch out area maps as a secondary gig. No joke, if you make another, what do you estimate the average cost would be around? I'm using my old 5.11 vest but I think folks get the wrong idea when I go out with it on. This would rock.

    1. Thanks, right now I'm finishing a the protoypes for a project, but send me an email and we'll see what can be done.

      prshurtz at gmail dot com