Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Black Chambray Shirt, single pocket, tab collar, 1920's-1930's style.

This is the same heavyweight chambray I used on a previous shirt.  Made for the special project that I've been working on with a person in Germany.  This is my first foray into making a shirt for someone else.  Really hope it fits!

Hand-felled seams and single-needle tailoring throughout.  Cats-eye buttons made from vegetable ivory (corozo).



  1. Do you sell these shirts & if so where? I saw Nicholas from Hollow Leather in the vest and am in LOVE, i would really enjoy having your clothing, the craftsmanship is phenomenal!

    Bounce me an email, thanks!

    1. Thanks Dan. Well, I don't really sell anything at the moment. I've been mostly testing designs out and gearing up for a big project/collaboration that will be coming out this Fall. But let me know your vest measurements, I have a few other prototype vests.