Friday, January 18, 2013

A-1 jeans, series two, update

Finally washed these after a bunch of machine oil spilled on the legs.  Knew I should have hand-washed them but took 'em to the laundromat anyway.  Washed cold and they shrank about an inch all around - too small to wear now.


  1. Bummer about not fitting no more.

  2. Don't your patterns have shrinkage added to them, so that when you're finished sewing they are bigger, but shrink to fit after washing and drying? Or, you can wash and dry 3 yds., then cut and sew, but with a no shrinkage added pattern.

    John Yingling

  3. Hello John, Great question! Since I prefer jeans to start out dark, stiff, and starchy I don't pre-wash the fabric. If one doesn't plan on washing a pair of these then they can order their true waist size and know that it'll fit well right from the beginning. If they plan on washing them then I would suggest buying a size larger.