Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Custom Vest, Cone Mills Canvas

This is the most customized piece I've done yet.

Ingredients: selvedge canvas from Cone Mills, hand-waxed canvas details using Otter Wax, hand-embroidered arrows, hand-stamped leather tag, "japanned" black reproduction buckle.

Built on an antique Singer single-needle industrial sewing machine.  Hand-felled seams.  Other details include a multi-layer chest pocket, watch pocket, interior pocket, and a special "cigarette-pocket" style smartphone pocket.

My camera can't handle anything with red in it very well, so the color is a little off.  It's a very nice rusty brown color that I'm sure is going to get even better the longer it's worn.


  1. Love that vest! Wish it was mine. Good work!

    1. I gotta figure out how to commission you to make me one :)

    2. Thanks Matt! You know I've got a few orders in the cue at the moment, but hey, email me if you'd like and we talk about making you one.