Thursday, May 16, 2013

Railroad Vest, v.2

I'm pretty happy with this one.  Same Japanese selvedge denim, courtesy of Slowboat Deadstock, this time with a few selvedge chambray details.

Next step is to grade it into different sizes.  Then I'll see if I can afford to order some interesting Cone Mills selvedge twill and 2x1 denim I've been looking at.  Then try and do a small run, probably just one of each size.


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  2. hey you've probably already checked this link

    out, but I just found it and it reminded me of the sort of stuff you have on your blog.The vest looks awesome :-)


    1. Thanks Allison, I have a digital copy of that manual, it's pretty awesome! I've been thinking about making the chore coat that's detailed in it. And of course I'd love to get some of the machines they talk about too.

      Thanks again,