Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Natural Indigo Bandanas

Here's the first successful test batch of natural indigo bandanas.  Still some more tests to go.

After much struggle trying to properly discharge the natural indigo pigment, I'm now willing to wager money that most of the "indigo" bandanas you'll find in the premium market are either synthetic indigo or screenprinted.

By the way, check out the inspiration for this bandana here: http://segui-riveted.blogspot.com/2010/08/salvaged-relic1800s-bandanna.html


  1. Dear Russell
    as much as i enjoy your work,i'm a little disappointed with the fact that you've obviously used my archives without asking for permission or even mentioning your source ..... the original design doesn't belong to me or you ,that's a given, but a plug for the blogger who first introduced it in 2010 won't hurt ;-) don't you think !?

  2. the original ........http://segui-riveted.blogspot.com/2010/08/salvaged-relic1800s-bandanna.html

  3. Gratitude exploitation of a great resource, you guys are kidding right? Man up and give credit where credit is due. Very disappointing.

  4. Hey Patrick and Papa, sorry that I'm responding so late I don't get a lot of comments and I've been so busy lately that I rarely check them.
    I'm definitely sorry that I've hurt y'alls feeling. You're right, I did find an image of that bandana on the Riveted site about three years ago, and it's pretty much one of the coolest patterns for a bandana I have seen. So I made a version of it. It's actually not an exact copy, but it's darn close. Anyhow, I'll send all this in an email to each of you, and will post something about where the image came from. Again, my apologies, I didn't realize how much this meant to each of you.

    - Russell

  5. Also, for what it's worth, these were just a fun test. I gave most of them away and don't have plans to make any more using that pattern anyway.