Thursday, January 27, 2011

Simple Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is good stuff - tasty and healthy it's full of beneficial pro-biotic bacteria. For folks in colder climates it also used to be an important source of vitamin C during the winter. There's several variations on how to make sauerkraut but here's a very simple recipe for a quick sauerkraut that I learned while working on an farm several years ago.

1 Head fresh local cabbage
1 Tablespoon salt

One large jar (like a large-mouth Mason or Ball jar), ceramic crock, or any sort of container that's not metal or plastic.

1. Chop or shred the cabbage, removing the heart if you'd like to.
2. Add about an inch or so of cabbage into the container.
3. Sprinkle a little salt on it.
4. Pack the cabbage down very firmly with a wooden mallet or small glass jar.
5. Repeat 2-4 until you've used up all the cabbage or can't pack in any more of it.
(If all goes well the salt will pull out the water in the cabbage and create a brine that should cover over the top of the cabbage. )
6. Secure a cheese cloth over the opening of the container. If it's glass put it in a paper bag.
7. Place in a quiet place out of direct sunlight and with a relatively stable temperature.
8. Check a minimum of twice a day to make sure the cabbage remains under the brine. Push down the cabbage with a clean utensil as needed.
9. After 2-3 days it should be finished and ready to eat. Stores well under refrigeration for a few weeks or more.

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