Thursday, September 1, 2011


This is the second version of the woman's jeans for Katie. The first pair turned out to be too tight. This pair seems to be pretty good. I had a two little mistakes happen, as you may be able to see, but Katie's pretty happy with them overall. I changed a lot of little things on the pattern for this one. I'll change a few more things on the next pair, maybe reduce the width of the seat seam so it fits a little more shapely, add more curve around the hips, space the buttons better, etc. I'd really like to use thicker thread, but my 1950's White just won't do it.

Ingredients: Kurabo Mills (Japan) 13 oz denim, 2% stretch, Cone Mills red-line selvedge denim belt loops, unbleached cotton broadcloth pocket bags, hand-peened copper rivets, two tack buttons, and one vintage open-top button, hand sewn.

I typically always use American made denim, but I couldn't find any heavier weight stretch denim that was made in the U.S. This is good stuff though; good color and feels sturdy.


  1. Thank you! I do love them.. .and I can't wait to see what little changes you make for the next pair. But I am quite happy with these!

  2. hey k_bot and Russell! i know that satomi is interested in these jeans. they look killer yo!