Sunday, September 25, 2011

Knit Boxers, v. 1, test

I worked on my boxer shorts pattern this weekend. Still trying to make a pair of well fitting underwear that are non-elastic; I believe I'm getting closer. Made some major modification to my previous pattern; removed the button back, increased the waist, removed the pleats, and shortened the body by about and inch and a half. Now they have a more "modern" fit, no longer high-waisted, they sit on the hips.

The button on the fly was an afterthought - it's a little to tight on the lower hips so the fly kept opening. Will need to line the fly so it doesn't stretch out around the button-hole. Other things need to be tweaked too, like making the lower seat less saggy, but now I'm out of knit fabric.

Ingredients: Organic cotton/hemp knit body, unbleached muslin waist band and inner fly, vintage shell buttons, all cotton thread.

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